Jiangsu HaoRi Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional production of automotive components company, located in Jiangyin, North Yangtze River bridge, away from the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed exit of the Jingjiang 1.5 km.The company was established in 2000, the existing staff of more than 175 people, product R & D Engineer 32 people, covers an area of 60000m2, the building area of 40000 m2, assets ......

  • Manager:(+86)523-84992858
  • Sales :(+86)523-84508028
  • Website:www.jshaori.com
  • E—mail:jshaori@jshaori.com-www.js55.com
  • Address:No. 408-8 Jiangping Road,JingJiang City,Jaingsu province-澳门金沙js69000com-9822金沙平台
  • P.C:214531-4138.cc-金沙澳门官方